Transformative Thursdays: The Gift of Presence

Some of my most precious childhood Christmas memories are the experiences I had with my family. I don’t remember too many of my gifts, but I do remember Christmas caroling every year in our neighborhood and reading the Christmas story on Christmas morning together as a family, making special snacks and drinking hot chocolate on Christmas Eve, and looking at Christmas lights around town. Those experiences were special because I was present with my family. We were intentional about being together.

Being present is one of the best gifts you can give your children, spouse, coworkers and friends. Being present requires you giving time—the most valuable resource we have. Time can never be recovered once it’s gone. With each passing day, we lose time. So, it stands to reason that time is a most precious resource and a gift. That gift is meant to be shared.

What better way to share your gift of time than with those closest to you? During the busy holiday season, use each moment carefully. Be intentional about how you spend it. Cherish those special memories and experiences. Create new memories. Slow down and enjoy the journey you’re on. Be present. Be available.

What special memories are you creating? What experiences are you making a priority? How are you showing up for your children, spouse, coworkers, and friends?
Give the gift of yourself and your time this holiday and experience true peace and joy.

~Coletta Jones Patterson

*Coletta is an author, life coach, speaker and business executive who is passionate about helping others get unstuck. Contact Coletta at

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