What’s Happening Wednesday: Nothing But Love

I love Luther Vandross.  His voice is unparalleled in nearly every genre.  The man could sing the alphabet and I would buy the album.  If you don’t have “The Best of Luther Vandross” in your collection, then your collection is incomplete.

Anyway, one of my favorite Luther tunes is “I who have nothing.” This is not a Luther original, but he made it his own.  So much so, that in my opinion, nobody else should ever sing it.

Anyway, in that song, Luther and Martha Wash lament the fact that they have nothing but love to give to the objects of their affections.  Well, it’s Christmas 2018 and that’s exactly how I feel.

There are so many of you I’d love to bless with tokens of love in the coming weeks.  I have so many of my friends and family members I’d like to treat to a meal, or an all-expenses paid vacation.  The latter is an impossibility, and the former would only be possible if we eat at somewhere with a dollar menu.  What I’m saying is that it’s going to be a sparse Christmas.  If the government shuts down, I’m postponing the holiday until after tax time.

I love being able to give gifts.  It really is more blessed to give than to receive, but this season, I’m just going to have to bless you all with a song or two.  Don’t worry.  I’m not singing, but I do play mean triangle.  I’ll leave the music to actual musicians.  Here you go:

And just because it’s Christmas, the best gift of all,

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