Therapeutic Tuesday: Growing Up Black in Joplin- An Introduction

And so it begins. 

I have pondered writing this series of blogs for a very long time, and I could always think of a reason not to write it, but now I fear that I have no recourse, because it is a series that needs to be written. How long it will go I knoweth not, but we will see what happens with it. 

The question becomes then, “Why write a series like this?” The answer is not so simple. See, while I grew up in Mississippi, I GREW UP in Joplin, Missouri. Missouri, an area that has had some circumstances while we have been here that have hit the national airwaves, causing many of the people I know back home to view the entire state through a prism of racial inequality and other not so nice ways. For a long time, I felt bad that I did not feel 100% the way that my other African American associates did about the same issues, but in time I have come to realize that I have the benefit of a duality of perspectives. 

And while I never voice my opinions outwardly, a big part of my maturation has become a sequencing and crystallizing in my own sense of self and my beliefs, which is why this series is about me more than any other blog post I have ever written. I don’t know every topic that I will be covering here, but I’m excited that I’m finally doing this. 

Cause it is quite simply time. The journey begins next Tuesday! 

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