Serenity Sunday: For the gifted


You’re driving. The sun set about ten minutes ago, so it’s not too dark. A car appears in the opposite lane. The driver suddenly flashes his lights at you asking that you dim your lights.


*More flashing at you.*

You’re confused because your lights are not on the bright setting; you even check to make sure, but you just can’t get your lights any dimmer!

The driver continues flashing his lights.

“You’re blinding me!” He says.

No, I’m not blinding you.

You drive.

“YOUR LIGHTS…” He insists.

You then flash back, letting him know your lights can’t be dimmed anymore. They are bright by nature!


Have you ever been asked to dim your light so thay others may shine? Maybe a supervisor told you you needed to help make others on your team look good by achieving less.


Because of someone elses’ paranoia, you choose to dim your own light so that people won’t see how smart, talented, and different you really are. You mask your gift and, now, here you are…

Hiding your true self. Pretending to be average. Downplaying your abilities.

And you’ve probably been living most or all of your life thinking that being yourself is wrong or somehow inconvenient.

Come out of isolation, dear heart, and let today be a new day. ❤


Clinnesha is a writer, wife, mom, meta-artist, and social entrepreneur who feels most accountable to southern, black citizen-artists, elders, children, and families. Her work is at the intersection of arts, culture, innovation, and community.



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