Speak Saturdays: Pop Culture

I typically don’t write about pop culture. The news is over saturated with the lives of celebrities. I mean we have articles that tell you what a person ate in a day. I don’t think we should know so much about one person life. But this week I did find the news surrounding the Oscars host interesting.

Kevin Hart, one of the most known comedians right now, was slated to host the 2019 Oscars. A few days after the announcement some reports came out about some tweets he made back in 2009, I believe. Now he is a comedians and if you are a fan of funny you know they tell jokes about anything and everyone. And this current generations follow the path of those for preceded them in how they tell jokes.

Personally I don’t think he should have gave up hosting the Oscars. I recognize that the joke in question was deemed offensive by some. But if you review the material of any comedian each of us will be offended by what they joke about. They speak on a broad range of topics and some of them are controversial.

I think he should have kept his Oscar hosting job. One because it was an awesome gig and two we don’t have many African Americans who get the opportunity to host such a prestigious Hollywood event.

Thanks for reading Neikeita’s ramblings today. Happy Saturday!

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