Serenity Sunday: from my womb to the world


I can’t believe I’ve been a parent for eight years! Kaylee, my oldest, is now ten years away from eighteen. 🙄 Not being overdramatic, I only bring that up because my mom always says that she never really thought past high school when it came to my sisters and me. She wasn’t prepared for us turning eighteen. And she certainly wasn’t prepared for us going off to college or living on our own…


I, however, find myself being very future-focused when it comes to my children. Everyday I try to empower them on their path toward adulthood.


It seems like yesterday I was playing music for her in utero. Talking gently to her as I stroked my pregnant belly. Delivering lectures in a university classroom as students watched me grow bigger and bigger. You see, Kaylee loves learning because she absorbed so much information before she was born.


Kaylee is a dynamic oldest. Her role in our family is obvious: The girl keeps shit together.


She’s ambitious, competitive, and compassionate. She writes out her plans and makes to-do lists. If you think I am an over achiever… meet my daughter.


And even though she has permission to make choices in her childhood, little Kaylee knows that she will never have to make a decision that is too large. I will always intervene, intercept, and involve myself when it comes to the big things. Because I’m mom. And she is my baby forever… I don’t know… maybe my mom has a point… maybe I’m not prepared either. 😣


Happy Birthday, K.O. 💜

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