What’s Happening Wednesday: Homebody

Today is my first day back at work since last Wednesday.  I didn’t leave town for the holiday.  This wasn’t even a planned vacation.

Kansas City got hit with an actual blizzard on Sunday.  It’s not the first time we’ve experienced such conditions, but it certainly isn’t a regular occurrence, either.  Anyway, as a result I had reschedule appointments and cancel plans.  Churches canceled services and metro school districts shut down.  In fact, many kids are still at home today.  Color me jealous!

Something happened on my unplanned vacation.  I realized that while I often complain about not having a social life, I actually enjoy being at home.

I like binge-watching TV.  (I’m all caught up on Greenleaf and This Is Us.  We will save that conversation for another blog.)  I like walking around in my warm fuzzy socks and watching my kids cheat at UNO.

I know my house isn’t fancy.  It’s not as clean as it should be, and there are lots of things that need to be fixed.  But it’s my house.  I feel safe and comfortable.  I know where things are, or at least where they should be. There’s food in the fridge if I’m hungry, and a blanket in the corner if i’m cold.  It’s home.

And this holiday season, my heart is aching for those whose homes are neither safe, nor warm, for those who do not know where their next meal is coming from, for those for whose current residence doesn’t feel like home at all.

I’m making a conscious effort to help people in those situations this holiday. I’m asking you to do the same.  Donate to your favorite charity.  Buy somebody a hot meal. Be kind to a stranger.  And if you can, invite someone to your home, a neighbor, a wayward family member, a foster child. You were blessed to be a blessing.

Happy Holidays.

Mama Radford

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