Serenity Sunday: What’s Hidden


This is us after conquering something unexpected. It’s us after being open to the mental, emotional and physical needs of people we love. It’s us not having a clear plan for the next day– all we know is we’re depending on someone to fulfill their role. This is us living outside of fantasy. Making ends meet. After happy meals and Subway sandwiches. Having survived. This is us pursuing dreams. Becoming masters of our own minds. This is us on the other side of obedience. This is us needing God. Needing a miracle. Needing eachother.

What you don’t see in this photo is the hidden pile unfolded laundry I’m resting on. It’s a big pile, too…

I mean, before I took the ussie, someone actually said “hide the underwear”. And I did! I became this large leaf, covering all the stuff that would make us look unkempt; raw; not on our A-game.

The picture may capture a loving family before going to bed, but there’s so much more to our story.

To everyone’s story.

Many of us are going through things right now. We’re confused. Broke(n). Our feelings are hurt. Our dreams are on hold. We need help. And yet, we have gotten so good at hiding what’s real. What is your Real?

Real, to me, wears satin bonnets and hasn’t shaved in months. Real is rare and beautiful. Ain’t nothing wrong with real. Real just needs a garden to grow in. It needs water and sunshine. No shadows. No hiding what’s true.

Real just freed about five people. ❤


Clinnesha is a writer, wife, mom, meta-artist, and social entrepreneur who feels most accountable to southern, black citizen-artists, elders, children, and families. Her work is at the intersection of arts, culture, innovation, and community.

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