Therapeutic Tuesday: Thankfulness

THIS is thankfulness in living color. My family means everything to me. In my wildest dreams, I never thought that we would ever have a family this big.My family is not necessarily big, but my wife’s is. And even though we talked about 3-4 kids when we were dating, I always assumed it would be closer to 3 than 4. As I think about it now, I can’t imagine who our family would be without what each child brings to the table. When we are together, there is laughter, dancing, teasing, cuddling…it’s a beautiful thing. 


You know, my wife really freaks out sometimes because our house is a perpetual mess, but to me, it just looks like our lives. Its messy and chaotic, but there is love that permeates everything that we do. Even when we can’t stand one another and have to retreat to our separate rooms, the love remains. 

And when I think about gratitude, after being grateful for Jesus, I’m thankful for the people in that picture. 

Here’s hoping that you and your families have a great Thanksgiving! 

(pc: Preston Luke Photography)

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