Speak Saturdays: This Time Change

Has anyone been struggling with the time change or is it just me?  Now I am typically excited when time “falls back”.  That means I gain an extra hour of sleep.  But this year I am not excited for the time change.  My body clock is ALL off.  You will find me in bed by 8:30 pm in a full sleep if I don’t have anything planned for the evening.  I am learning that my body craves the sunlight.  It was one of my energy sources.

I was excited this time change when I was younger.  Now that I am in my 30s; I am struggling with all this darkness.  I truly have to force myself to stay up to 10:00 pm so I won’t sleep too much and wake up with a headache.  And let’s not talk about waking up when it is dark.  The alarm goes off every morning and I have to tell myself it is time to get and start the day.  You can’t go back to sleep.  Perhaps our work schedules should change to coincide with the new time.  For me, I think I would be most productive that way.

Here’s to readjusting to the time change.  Happy Saturday!


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