Funkadelic Friday: Right . . . BE DAMNED!

stolen votes

A lie is no longer a lie but an “alternative truth.”

It’s okay to make inflammatory statements; have them re-posted on social media, incite an incident with those statements, then blame social media and the press for the incident because they posted the original statement.

The Secretary of State who over sees all elections in the state can run for Governor and remain in the position of Secretary of State to ensure he WINS the position of Governor for his party.

See something in the news about someone that EVERYONE KNOWS TO BE TRUE and calling it “FAKE NEWS.”

People who never voted before decide to stand in line for HOURS to make history but their vote is not counted or they are turned away just as the reach the door to enter to vote.

Whatever happened to being responsible for one’s actions?  What ever happen to “if it is not true, then it is a LIE?”  Clearly we are living in a time where WRONG IS RIGHT AND RIGHT IS WRONG.  Oh yeah, I think the Bible said that this would happen.

Not a single problem with the Republican reporting but TONS of problems for Democrats.

Many of our leaders, no matter the party, are crooked and are out for creating wealth for themselves and their families.  So, what do we say to these things?

We know that this election for the State of Georgia was KEMPRIGGED  and DEALAPPROVED but we shall not be deterred.  WE will continue to register people to participate in the democratic process even if it is dead in the state of Georgia.  We will make certain that re-entering citizens who have paid their debt to society will have the right to vote given back to them and ensure that they can cast their vote.

No.  I shall not, I shall not be moved!  “A luta continua.”  The struggle continues!


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