Transformative Thursdays: Be Present

Traffic. School programs. Class parties. Homework. PTO meetings. Birthday parties. Work events. Community events. Volunteering.

You get the idea. The list can be endless. Commitments are a part of our lives but being present and “showing up” intentionally can be difficult. A few years ago, my parents made a trip to visit us and we went out to dinner. During dinner, I kept receiving text messages about something related to work. I kept zoning out of the conversation to respond to the messages. After a few minutes, my mom said, “Are you going to get off that phone?” I eventually put the phone down and became “present” and in the moment.

So many times we become consumed with life, work, church, and our other commitments that we lose touch with the things that are most important. Don’t allow life to rob you of the moments that are most important. These are a few suggestions to help you be more present.

1. Slow down and breathe.
2. Enjoy your children and grandchildren.
3. Love your spouse unconditionally.
4. Take something off your plate.
5. Make time for a hobby.
6. Have a phone conversation with a friend.
7. Take time away from social media.
8. Listen to your spirit.
9. Focus on what fulfills you.
10. Set boundaries and stick to them.

~Coletta Jones Patterson

Coletta is an author, speaker, coach and business executive who enjoys helping others get unstuck and moving forward so they can live their best lives.  Connect with Coletta at

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