What’s Happening Wednesdays: 10 Things To Do Instead of Watching Election Coverage

As of press time, I have absolutely no clue who won what election.  I purposely turned off my TV at 4:00pm on Tuesday afternoon,just before the results started coming in.

I’m a political junkie.  Even my favorite fictional shows are centered around politics (Veep, House of Cards, The West Wing).  It would be nothing for me to jump down the rabbit hole of media analysis and commentary.

I started thinking two weeks ago that this “blue wave” the media was touting was going to be smaller than the waves my toddler makes in the bathtub. I immediately jumped to 2020 implications and strategies.  I needed to unplug and unwind, so here are 10 things I suggest you do instead of staring at the TV and yelling at Anderson Cooper and friends:

10. Kiss your significant other.  Not the usual peck on the cheek, or the smack on the lips you give as you walk out the door.  But give them  a really good,   ‘I love you and nothing else matters in the world right now besides the fact that we are together,’ kiss.

9) Drink wine. Lots of wine. Celebrating or drowning your sorrows?  Doesn’t matter.  Wine will make either better.

8) Drink water! Unless of course you want to have a Wednesday morning hangover after all that wine and making out.

7) Clean a room.  Sling some bleach.  Wipe down baseboards.  I cleaned up toothpaste from a door frame.  Nobody seems to know how it got there.  I have a pretty solid list of suspects.  Anybody under 5 feet tall who lives in my house is on the list.

6) Cook Dinner.  Those little people    who destroy my home still have to eat, as for some reason they believe it’s my job to feed them.

5) Eat dinner.  Sounds self-explanatory.  But you have no idea how many mothers skip this step on a regular basis.

4) Play a video game with the kids.  They’ll  be ecstatic.  Your brain will be totally immersed in trying to figure out what’s going on in the game,  you’ll completely forget about the Governor’s race.

3) Eat pie.  Pie is delicious.  Pie makes life sweeter. Top with whipped cream as needed.

2)Exercise!  You ate dinner, drank wine and ate pie.  Burn some of those calories off.

1)Go to bed!  Tomorrow’s another day.  You still have to go to work.  Those kids still need to eat.  Get some sleep.

If by chance,  you’re reading this on Wednesday morning and several races are still too close to call, I strongly suggest turning off your TV and finding somebody’s Bible study to attend this evening.  Reward yourself with a glass of wine after… the election analysis will still be going on when you get home!

Mama Radford

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