Speak Saturdays: Pride

This past Tuesday I had the opportunity to attend a play entitled Skeleton Crew.  The play was amazing.  It is so awesome to have the opportunity to support an all-black cast performing a play written by black playwright. If you the play travels to your area; GO SEE IT!!  You will not be disappointed.

During a pivotal scene in the play, the lead character refuses help from her manager, whom she has known his entire life.  Note the lead character is homeless and is sleeping in the break room at her job.    Her refusal to accept help steamed from the belief that it was her responsibility to help herself and not rely on others.

That scene hit me like a ton of bricks.  We are often our own worst enemy.  We allow pride to say no when someone genuinely wants to help us.  I saw myself during that scene.  I am guilty of allowing my pride set in and saying no.  I recently experienced this when I had an issue that was bigger than myself.  One of my good friends offered to help me.  My response was an emphatic no.  Looking back on the situation, I realized I was being prideful and I also hurt my friend feelings.  Pride sneaks up on you in the oddest type of way.  Be sure to take notice of it and nip it in the bud.  In a nutshell allow someone to be a blessing to you!

Happy Saturday!


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