Funkadelic Friday: When a little rain helps.

Rain and thunderstorms

I don’t particularly like being in the rain.  I especially do not like getting wet when it is cold outside.  I do, however, like the sound of rain as well as thunderstorms. There are times when a little rain helps.

This week has been a really tough one, emotionally.  The memorial of my mother’s passing.  The memorial of my uncle’s, her brother in law, passing.  The memorial of the passing of a dear friend.  On top of all  this, I arrived to work and received the news that a family friend died suddenly of a heart attack.  He thought that he was just experiencing heart burn.   With all of this in mind, I decided to take a little time to enjoy the rain.

My husband has had a trying week as well with changes on his job.  Having been there 10 plus years, he has seen managers come and go.  Rules change then revert back to what they once were.  Knowing how he loves the rain, I knew my idea would be a hit.  So . . . when we arrived home, we put our things away.  I took my sweetie by the hand, went into his “man cave”, sat  down with him on his comfy couch in front of his big screen television.  Turned it on and searched through ROKU for rain TV.  I located the 8 hour Rain and Thunderstorm and we sat and watched the rain until we fell asleep.

Have a GREAT weekend.


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