Monday’s With Marta G – Give It A Try

Back in 2006, I was working in Fayetteville having a very blah day when I got a notification that one of my cousins had just released his first indie album. We come from a large and hugely musical family so it was a given that I was going to buy the album. Streaming wasn’t actually that big of thing then so I actually bought the CD 💿 and when I got it I hollered.

I knew that day that Kam was on his path and that he was not going to quit. (I still have the original album and cover art too though 😉.) I activated the family network and let everybody know how to get their hands on this “new music”.

Now here we are 12 years later and I could not be prouder of the work this man continues to produce now on an international indie stage. From Atlanta to Amsterdam, Moscow to the 60th Grammys where Sting and Shaggy performed a song that he co-wrote, Kam is the real deal when it comes to an indie artist who holds true to his vision for his sound and purpose. After all, he has four albums and a top charting single to prove as the old folks used to say, “Dat boy good!”

I say don’t make us wait too long since we know you’re working on a new album now that Give It A Try just dropped and started my week off with a smile. Y’all should check out that video as well.

Check out Kam’s work at and on SoundCloud at

Marta C. Youngblood is a writer, education and social entrepreneur based in Hot Springs, Arkansas. For more information on her current projects visit

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