The Bonus Black Lightning Round

I came home today needing something to help my brain unplug from work. I landed on Black Lightning and oooh did it bless me. We seriously need a Season 2 by the way cause, MANE!

One of my favorite characters is actually Tobias Whale. Tobias is one of the classic cases of someone who needed folks to check in and help him thru the rough time he had growing up. Having an absentee mother, an abusive father…the only emotional support system he had was his relationship with his sister. And that got me thinking…

Y’all this is a good season to check on your folks. The weather is shifting. The holidays are approaching. We know that this time of year can be rough. We also know that pride can keep some folks from reaching out for help.

Do you want to help folks in this season?

Do you have a plan?

Here are a few ideas to get your brains pumping on how you might lend a helping hand. Oh and for those of you who may be in need of a helping hand, go ahead and get in on this good free info. Lastly, sharing is caring so feel free to share this post with any and everything you think might find it useful.

Tips For Making a Happy Holiday Season

1. Contribute time at the local senior center or residential care facility.

You can do this solo or as a family or with a peer group. Lots of seniors spend the holidays alone and giving up an afternoon can make a huge difference in lifting their spirits.

2. Rake leaves or other yard work for a neighbor.

Time and or money might be tight for your neighbor. Imagine how appreciative they will be to come home and find their yard mowed or their leaves raked.

3. Make up holiday baskets/bags to give away to the homeless panhandling on corners.

We all see people holding up signs on the side of the road. How nice would it be to have something you can hand out quickly that could be a blessing to someone down on their luck.

4. Write letters to soldiers stationed overseas during the holidays.

It’s not easy to be away from your family during the holidays let alone on active duty. Here’s one website you can check out if interested. Support Our Troops

5. Contribute to organizations like Toys For Tots, especially if you don’t have a lot of time but want to make an impact on deserving folks for the holidays.

Go ahead, add to the list in the comments and help everyone get ready for the holidays. Each one of us really can make a difference!

Marta C. Youngblood is a writer, education and social entrepreneur based in Hot Springs, Arkansas. For more information on her current projects visit

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