Funkadelic Friday: OXYMORONS

healthy bacon

Healthy Bacon!!!!  Is there truly such a thing?  We have all heard of Jumbo shrimp and cruel kindness.  The newest one for me is “LARGE TINY house.”  These are innocent terms.    Oxymorons are “expressions composed of words that are not inherently mutually exclusive but express an opinion that the two cannot occur together.” A fine mess; a little pregnant; a new classic.

What troubles me are the oxymorons shown through ACTIONS.  Actions like health insurance companies taking monthly premiums from a client but refuses to cover the illness that the client is paying  the premium for.  A president who condemns the bullying of leaders in other countries but is a bully in his own country.  A community activist who calls for a moratorium on liquor stores being added to his /her neighborhood, but doesn’t have a problem expanding in a community with “abundant poverty.”  One thing that I am certain of is the “acute apathy” that is permeating our communities during a time when we should be manically focused, must be DESTROYED.  We can no longer sit back and attempt to function altogether separate.    We MUST come together and work as one.  We must stop turning a blind eye to the hatred and evil that certain individuals in high office is fostering throughout this country (and state).  WE are being buried alive under the dirt that is falling from Washington (Atlanta).  Are we going to be brave wimps, confidently sitting back in our caves trying to avoid participating in the world?  Are we going to be a butthead like the leader of this country who is clearly confused?  The intelligence pool is growing smaller with each generation because folks are not seeking out the knowledge needed to navigate this country and improve the lives of our fellow men, women, and children.  WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO?  WHAT AM I GOING TO DO?  WELL??????


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