Therapeutic Tuesday: Bible Thumpers

This week, I will end my mini-series based on the article “8 Christian Values that Jesus Wouldn’t Hold Dear”. Found here.

Today’s is sure to be a sore spot, at least I think it will be. Biblical Knowledge. Here’s the kicker…I believe that knowing what the Bible says is important. I also believe that knowing how to use the Bible is important. God, Himself describes the Bible as a weapon. We use it far less than we should, me included.

Sometimes on Sundays, there is a church that stands out on the corners and literally thumps their Bibles while pointing at people in traffic and condemning them. It is a complete turn off. It ‘s uncool. Quite literally, it sucks. But also, there are people who know the Bible so well that they use it as a weapon. And not in a good way.

Rather, I should say that they use their Biblical knowledge as a weapon. It was Paul who said that knowledge puffs up, but love builds up, but while I have seen it work both ways, what I usually see from people who can recite the Bible from cover to cover is that there is an air of arrogance, followed by a condemning tone that is disbelieving that everyone else doesn’t know it as in-depth as they do.

Hear my heart. I wish that every Christian knew the Bible well enough to recite it cover to cover. But more than that, I wish that we used the word in love and allowed the Spirit of God to do the work. Thumping Bibles, whether physically or with pompous attitudes, is never right.

I believe in 1 Corinthians, Paul talks about having all knowledge, but not having love. We have to be extremely careful. You’ll attract more flies with honey.

Just saying.

To close, YES. We should know the Bible! We should know Biblical contexts. We should know how to use our weapon, and how to follow our Light.  But using it to belittle others or make them feel small is NOT okay.


So there. Be blessed!

2 thoughts on “Therapeutic Tuesday: Bible Thumpers

  1. I have always preferred to think of the Bible as a tool rather than a weapon.

    Tools are devices used to carry out a particular function. Weapons are used for self-defence, chime, damage to living beings, systems and structures. Weapons are made deliberately for harming someone. Weapons are used to physically hurt or kill, while tools are used to make something.

    The word of God is not meant to bring us harm. Yes, we can and should use it to help keep us safe from harm but I have trouble thinking of it as a weapon. Also, tools can be repurposed into weapons if the situation calls for it.


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