Speak Saturdays: Is It Okay To Be Angry With God?

Have you ever been angry with God? Have you voiced this emotion to another person and were told that you were not allowed to be angry with God. Some churches do not promote people having this emotion towards God. It is taught that what ever happens is in God’s perfect will and we should act accordingly. Now I agree that God’s perfect will is true but I disagree that we cannot be angry by certain situations and even God himself.

God desires authentic relationships with each and every one of us. And in relationships we will have a variety of emotions. We will be happy. Sad. Confusion. Hurt. Anger. God will not love us any less if we express our frustrations to him or even be angry at him. He will delighted with us that we are choosing to have a level of intimacy with him where we are honest about what we are feeling.

A good example of a person in the Bible who was angry with God was Jonah. Take a moment to read his story. See how God allowed him to have that moment. See how God restored him. See how God explained why he commanded Jonah the way he did.

Our God loves us despite our flaws and we were created to have relationship with him. So let God have all your emotions. He can handle them all. Remember he made you so angry he can handle.


2 thoughts on “Speak Saturdays: Is It Okay To Be Angry With God?

  1. So powerful and true. We try to “humanize” God which is “limiting” who and what he is. You are absolutely correct that many RELIGIOUS people teach that we should never question or get angry at God (like that will damage our relationship). What THEY need to understand, as you have stated, in RELATIONSHIPS you feel and share EVERY emotion. Thank you for this.


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