Funkadelic Fridays: Beauty Through the Eyes of a Child.


Walking along, I heard an adult tell a little girl “Come on.  We need to catch up with your Mom and Pawpaw.”  The little girl responded, “I’m coming.  I want to pick these flowers first.”  Realizing that I was listening, the adult looked at me and mouthed to me “their weeds”.  I responded in a very low voice, “let’s hope that she can maintain that mindset.”  We smiled, then parted.

How many of us really understand what beauty really is?  According to this young child, she saw the beauty in what we, as adults, consider to be irritating weeds.  It’s enough to make one take pause and reconsider the questions. . . WHAT IS BEAUTY?  Who DEFINES WHAT BEAUTY IS?  So the next time you see something and society has taught you that it is ugly or garbage, take a second look.  You just might be able to see the beauty within.


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