What’s Happening Wednesdays: Living the Dream

I asked a co-worker how she was doing early this morning. She told me she was living the dream.

The lie detector test determined that was a lie.

Nobody, and I mean nobody, who works where I work is living “the” dream. Now, we might be living somebody’s dream (or nightmare), but it is certainly not “the” dream.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m grateful for my job. I can afford to pay my monthly living expenses. I work a flexible schedule. I have paid time off, and probably some of the nation’s best healthcare options. So yes, maybe this is somebody’s dream.

But it’s not my dream. My dream involves family photos in each of the 50 states. My dream includes publishing deals, and speaking engagements, and a house large enough for us, and all of our stuff. My dream includes weekly hair appointments for me AND my girls, (because in my dream I never have to pick up a comb.) In my dream, I am healthy, wealthy, and wise, but without the specific bedtime.

My dream is a few years away. I’ve got a whole lot of work I need to do to get there. I’ve got a few projects rolling around in my head and a few already in the works that are getting me closer. I am most certainly not ‘living the dream’ at the moment. But while I’m busy working away at my day job, I’m also busy dreaming the life I want.

If you are already living your dream, that’s great. But I’m going to suggest that you are thinking too small. Exceedingly and abundantly have not been exhausted with the things you already have.

Mama Radford

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