Speak Saturdays: The Great Purge

So I’ve reach a stage in my life where certain changes need to be made.  These changes are necessary in order for me to transcend to next level.  Now one place a person should start there great purge is in their home.  You will be surprise how much stuff you collect over the years.  Now in theory this process should be easy but putting thought to action is sometimes hard.

And that where I am at right now.  It is time for me to put thought to action and clean out some things in my house.  Get my feng shui back.  I’m not surprised but I am surprised at the amount of stuff that I have in my home.  Why am I holding on to these things?  Will I ever use it again?  Why did I buy another top in a color I have three of already?  My fellow TheWRITEAddiction blogger, Coletta, wrote this great blog about throwing things away.  Her words hit home for me.  And it was the reminder that I needed to go ahead and start my purge.  So this weekend, I hope I throw some things away without having a second thought about those discarded items.

Remember – your home is your sanctuary.  Treat it as such.

Happy Saturday!


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