What’s Happening Wednesday: Rest Well

So last week after my spiel on productivity, most of y’all spent Friday and Saturday watching funerals on TV.

I’m no better than y’all. While I didn’t watch a single second of either the Queen of Soul’s home-going celebration, or Maverick McCain’s final farewell, I did spend a fair amount of the holiday weekend lying on the couch and binge watching “This Is Us.” (I watched the second half of season two. It was still shorter than the Friday’s funeral.)

Anyway, I got some much needed rest on Labor Day. That seems ironic, but as I laid on my couch in my PJs, I skimmed through my Bible and realized the rest and labor are inextricably linked.

Rest is the reward for labor, And labor suffers without rest. We see it in the world around us. We feel it deep down in our bones.

For the past couple months, I’ve been avoiding my trainer, because she wants to talk to me about rest. I already know what she’s going to say. I don’t want to hear it. I want her to be happy that I managed to squeeze in a workout, or that I chose to stick with my nutrition plan. I do not need another adult to tell me to go to sleep.

Except maybe I do. My husband, my mother, and now my trainer weren’t getting through to me. And then one of my YouTube pastors preached this timely sermon:

I heard this sermon Friday night. It majorly informed my decisions for the rest of the weekend. I’m trying hard to incorporate rest into my already jam packed schedule. But it’s not just because the aforementioned folks told me to. It’s not just because i’m Dead-tired. It’s not because I feel like I deserve a break.

But I’m teaching myself to rest, because The Creator, Himself, rested, and I have no higher purpose than to be more like him.

Rest well. To the living and the dead.

Mama Radford

One thought on “What’s Happening Wednesday: Rest Well

  1. You are not the only one who struggles with resting from labor. (slowly raises hand) One thing that helps keep me in check is yoga 🧘🏾‍♀️. Yoga practice provides me with exercise AND restful meditation. Put another way, yoga prepares my body and mind to rest well. Another thing I’ve noticed is that when I’ve had an intellectually challenging day at work, by the time I get home my mind and body are ready for bed around 8:30-9:00pm so I get in the bed, turn the lights down and put on something soothing on my tv (Pride and Prejudice is on my regular calm down rotation). I keep a big bottle of water on my nightstand so I don’t have to go to the kitchen downstairs. I run a humidifier and my ceiling fan as well to keep my body in relaxation mode. Even if I wake up ahead of schedule, I stay in the bed. I try not to pick up my phone much and if I do pick it up I turn the brightness all the way down low. It’s good that you recognize that you need to rest so now…just do it. 😉


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