Therapeutic Tuesday: The (Anti)Finisher

The last week and a half I’ve been really bothered by something about myself. See, I’m a starter, but not a finisher. While I don’t often share my ideas, I usually always have them, but I never see them through. I noticed recently it has gotten pretty bad as I have gotten older. I know that my time is limited, though. I mean, kids and extracurricular activities. Cooking dinner and bedtimes. By the time I actually have time to address something that I want to address, I’m too tired. Also, throw in my own schooling (which I waver on continuing way too often to count), and I feel stretched to the wire.


This is just me being honest, folks. I started a book back in May. I typed up 11 pages and then ran out of steam and have not looked at it since. I’ve written songs and forgotten them because I didn’t have the chutzpah to try and make anything of them. I’ve lost great blog ideas because I thought of them but never wrote them down. I’ve tried getting healthier by going to the gym, but I get bored and don’t continue (and the weight that I did lose is slowly starting to creep back in. Not good with my diabetes.)

I want to do so much! But it seems that I only have the capacity to start things. Once a mentor told me that was not such a bad thing, but rather it meant that I just needed to have a team around me that specialized in finishing. I used to rely on that as a crutch, but now even that nags at me. I need to finish.

This race of life as a Christian, in Hebrews we are told to run it full out until we reach the finish line. I fear that not finishing anything well is a harbinger of some inner junk that I need to delve into.

I need to become a finisher.

In my favorite sport, there are many guys who can dribble around a defender and get to the basketball hoop, but only the ones who can finish and get the ball into the hoop for two points consistently are considered to be quality, or good, players.

I need to become a finisher.

Maybe you do too? On some level, I think many of us have these same issues. Surely I’m not an anomaly.  At least, I hope I’m not.

Wait…I finished this blog posting! Maybe I’m not hopeless after all!

Be blessed, fam!



One thought on “Therapeutic Tuesday: The (Anti)Finisher

  1. You wanna know the secret? Hold on…lean in so you can hear this profound advice handed down to me from the elders…


    We get in trouble when we allow ourselves to get overwhelmed by the immensity of the world or an opportunity.

    Next secret…


    Have you ever thought about doing a short blog series where you interview or observe each of your kids doing something and relate it to a goal you or they have? You’re gonna spend quality time with them. Why not relate that quality time with writing inspiration?


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