Therapeutic Tuesday: The Growth Mindset

There has been a shift in education over the past few years with regards to how people think about what they think. The exact terms are called Fixed Mindset vs Growth Mindset. In Growth Mindset, author Carol Dweck talks about the way that our brains work, and the potential for us to do more with what we have than we previously thought.

See, the thinking used to be that our brains were our brains. There were limits to what they could do. Essentially, learning was fixed. We had set capacities, with each person’s being different. However, Carol argues that actually, our brains are capable of substantial growth, with limitless capacities for growth and improvement. In classrooms, this manifests by simply using wording changes. Check out this graphic:


The shift is as simple as consistent reminders of the difference between “I can’t do this” and “I can’t do this YET”.  The former implies failure. The second opens the door for the possibility of success, and sometimes that possibility is what is needed to create forward momentum.

It’s the POWER OF YET that can change everything in the life of a student.

So where do you fall on this spectrum?


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