Speak Saturdays: Rest Well

On Wednesday morning my family received an update from my aunt that said “Good morning family. She is gone to glory. Soul is at peace and rest.” On this day my great grandmother Elizabeth Robinson passed away. While the news was sad, I take comfort in knowing she is in a better place.

  • I was privileged to be her great granddaughter.
  • I was privileged to know she lived 96 years on this earth.
  • I was privileged in the values she installed in her children.
  • I was privileged in being able to sit at her feet and gain so much wisdom.
  • I was privileged at her strength when she had to bury my grandmother, her oldest child.
  • I was privileged that she kept her sass even though sickness was taking a toll on her body.

Rest well Lizzy. I love you and blessed to have come from your lineage.

Happy Saturday!!


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