Funkadelic Friday: FOOD FOR THOUGHT


The only thing constant in life is change.  Sometimes change is not an easy thing to deal with  for MANY of us.  We like familiarity.  Something we know and trust.  A routine to slip into like a worn sweater.  Familiar surroundings and familiar faces.  The unfamiliar is uncomfortable.  It can even be frightening for some. How do you handle change?  What do you do when something totally different is thrown in the mix?  Do you automatically shut down?  Do you quit?  Do you leave?  OR . . . do you embrace the unknown and roll with the new tide?

‘Change’ has been a frequent visitor in my life lately.  Some days I wish it would leave and never return but . . . I know that it will return.  I just have to make the adjustments when it shows up.  Sure, I can stomp my foot like a little child and pout but change is STILL coming.   When panic attacks ensue due to a change in schedule, routine, or environment, a self examination should take place.  Why are you afraid of ‘change’?  Only you can answer this question.  Take a minute and consider this.


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