Therapeutic Tuesday: I Like Big Buses

So, we have established a tradition in Webb City since I have been a teacher here over the past 6 years. My friend and brother, Nathan Hulstine, and I spoof, or parody, a popular song and make it a back to school anthem for us. This year  Nathan had the idea to tackle one of the Holy Grails of songs, “Baby Got Back”. Now, Nathan is a creative genius. Or a lunatic. Either way, he takes crazy ideas and makes them work seamlessly. What happened next is nothing short of our best work. Including our always supportive Superintendents, we created a video that not only gets everyone hyped up for the school year, but also allows us to have some fun and laugh as well.

Right now it is over 5k views in less than 24 hours. Crazy? Well also, GMA is going to show at least a clip of it THIS MORNING!

Say WHAAAAA???? How cool is that?

Don’t watch GMA you say? Well, I’m linking it here for your viewing enjoyment!

Suffice it to say that I’m blessed to be in a district that embraces silliness and humor while leveraging it to let students know that we cherish them and are ready to hang out with them this year.

So, I guess we are BACK!!!

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