Speak Saturdays: The Adult Playground

Have you ever been at work and decided to watch the interactions of your co-workers especially when something hectic is happening. Well I decided to that this week and I realized that we as adults act like oversize kids. You have the one kid who throws a temper tantrum. The other is telling the teacher what ever one else did wrong. You have the quiet one that checks out of the situation. The other kid wants a good star and to be recognized all the time. The kid next him cries because he didn’t get a gold star but has not done anything for a reward. Oh I can go on and on but I will leave it right here for now.

Work life can be a circus sometimes and the day can go by a lot quicker if we as adults would look at situations rationally instead of emotionally. Sometimes the outcomes are not about you. There is always a bigger picture.

Happy Saturday!!

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