Speak Saturdays: Renewal and Refresh

August will be a month where I plan to renew and refresh my spirit.  There have been a lot of personal changes going on and I recognize that I need to regroup.  Are you able to recognize when you need to refresh?  Do you know how to refresh and renew yourself.  What tools do you use to start anew?

Here is how I plan to set my R & R in motion:

  • Journaling – It a very therapeutic to write your thoughts out.  You will be amazed what feelings you holding in.  I’ve started back journaling and it has been great.
  • Decorating – Your home is your sanctuary.  I am going to decorate my space to be more open and inviting.  You will be surprised what those little changes will do for psyche.
  • Exercising – The instructor for my free exercise class had to discontinue the program for health reasons.  I miss working out because it is such a great stress reliever.  I lack self discipline so I have found a personal trainer to work out with.  He is one of my good friends but I know I will hate him throughout this whole process (which is a good thing because he is going to push me to my limit)
  • Exploring – I am going to take time to re-discovery the community I live in. During this month of R & R, I am going to take advantage of free events sponsored in my area.  This will allow me to rediscover the city and also meet new people.

Self care is so important.  Make sure you take time to do it.

Happy Saturday!


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