Transformative Thursdays: The Source of the Matter

I was working on a document one evening and for some reason, I couldn’t delete the second page from the template.  I tried everything I could think of for nearly an hour and finally gave up and recreated the document.  A couple days later, the same thing happened.  I was using a template and couldn’t get rid of the second page.  After trying what I thought might work for a few minutes and getting no results, I decided to go to google.  Sure enough, I followed the instructions someone posted for deleting an unnecessary page after a formatted table.  And it worked!

How many times in life do we try to figure things out on our own only to waste precious time and resources?  Sometimes trial and error is not the best method when we can go directly to the Source.  The Source is the Lord that gives us all the instruction we need if we only ask.  Being obedient can save us much time, effort and resources and you’ll get to your desired result much quicker.

I became more and more frustrated as I tried to figure it out.  Sometimes pride keeps us from going to the Source.  We think we can figure it out better and faster.  Or ignorance keeps us from going to the Source.  Maybe we didn’t even think to go to the Source in the first place.  Whatever the case, it pays to go to the Source first!

In what areas do you need to reconnect to the Source and get instruction?  What can you do today to reconnect?

~Coletta Jones Patterson

Coletta is an author, life coach, business executive and weekly blogger.  Connect with Coletta at

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