Funkadelic Friday: If You Can’t Live Longer, Live Deeper!

deep well


I keep my radio on 24/7 to the Bible Broadcasting Network (BBN) because I believe that this keeps a calm environment in my house, even when there is chaos.  I heard the announcer say “If you can’t live longer, live deeper.”  I thought about that and said to myself, “Self.”  My self said, “Hum?”  I said, “THAT IS THE POINT OF MUCH THIS JOURNEY CALLED LIFE.”  Of course, my self agreed.  We don’t know the “length of our days” but we do know that we must make the most of the time we have.

I live in a community where may of my neighbors are up in age so I fill a lot of my off time checking on them.  There is one in particular who is 98 years old.  She weighs about 80 pounds spends most of her day in bed as she does not have the energy or strength to get up.  Whenever I stop by, I feel re-energized.  The laughter, and memories that we share benefits the both of us.  She spent most of her life helping others.  Now her youngest of two sons cares for her.  The older some can’t be bothered.  Little does he realize that “these days that know him now will soon know him no more.”  As my 98 year old friend would say, “Ain’t that right? I’m a living witness.”  She is not speaking of “taking flight” as many of her peers are making their transitions.  Three within the last have passed.  She is questioning why she is still here.  I try to remind her that only God determines when, where, and how we make our exits.  I KNOW that I will be so hurt when she does take flight but I am all the better for having known her.

Checking in on my Elders is living deeper to me.  I don’t want to merely exist but I want to live.  I want my legacy to be one of service to others.  What are you doing to ensure that you are living each day in a deeper way?  Thank about it and then DO IT!!!  Have a fabulous weekend.


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