A Vision Called Solgave

About 6 and a half years ago, an idea for my first original brand was developed during a honeymoon phase of the marriage that recently ended.  A very altruistic, and loose concept with a powerful end vision tied to healing of the human spirit, the wheels were set in motion powerfully right out of the gates.  After helping to navigate 3 Arkansas startups in the retail world, I was hungry to develop my own brand.

After gaining a lot of traction, hitting some important goals, and winning some local awards, that dream got put on hold and tested in ways I can hardly express in writing.  We moved across the world twice as a family, I moved across the world 8 times.


A baby was born, animals were shipped, and what was sometimes seen as a family vision, lay in wait as the idea or set of principals it was always destined to be.

File Oct 08, 7 30 43 AM_preview.png

I want to use this weekly spot to explore what entrepreneurs go through to make a dream work.  It takes sacrifice, hustle, and a clear vision far out that nobody else is gonna see.  We gotta be willing to do the things nobody else will for a few years to get a life everyone else wishes they had.

From the fjord that borders Sweden and Norway, to the launch of Solgave Animal Solutions and The Common Thread in Fayetteville, Arkansas; Solgave has its final chance to become something more than an idea and passion in my mind.


The legal papers were signed last month to get back the animal care company we founded in 2012 and I handed off late 2015.  I’ll need to gain back one customer at a time while doing side work of all types to get my early bills paid.

You may wonder why am I having to start over if we had made that much forward progress?  Good question.

If you subscribe to this weekly blog, you’ll find out along the way.


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