Transformative Thursday’s: “Help, I Need Some Floaties!”

It was a hot day.  There were people everywhere.  Some were walking around.  Others were swimming.  I found myself watching my four-year old watching everyone else but not getting near the water.  He was tentative about even putting his feet in the water.  After several minutes of this, I called my husband and asked him to bring Xan’s floaties.  Once we had the floaties, Xan was a new boy.  He proudly put them on and jumped in the one-foot pool.  He started swimming and experiencing a whole new world of fun in the pool.  He was confident he wasn’t going down because he had his floaties on.


How often do we go through life lacking confidence and feeling unsure and insecure?  If only we had “floaties” we could wear to work that would allow us to confidently command the room in a power meeting or floaties we could wear to the doctor’s office and take “bad news” without breaking down.  Or maybe there are floaties parents can wear that give us supernatural powers to be everywhere at once or know the right response to give our kids every time.  Maybe there are floaties that allow us to wade through a beautiful, happy marriage.


The good news is we all have floaties!  We were made with a void that is only filled with Christ and His ability to carry us.  That is our floatie.  When we completely trust Him as much as we trust a pair of floaties, our world becomes much more free, lighter and enjoyable.  We will find we can handle anything as we rest in His care.  There are times we’ll need to float and rest and other times we’ll need to swim and possibly go through choppy waters, but we will make it because our floaties will not fail us.


Enjoy your journey today with your floaties on!


~Coletta Jones Patterson


Coletta is an author, life coach, business executive and weekly blogger.  Connect with Coletta at

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