Funkadelic Fridays: Sacrifice Is NOT Comfortable!

LET’S GET REAL!  Sacrifice is NOT comfortable.  Many of us see situations that may require moving out of our comfort zones . . . literally.  Can I get personal?  I have my FAVORITE bed that I like to sleep in.  My husband has his FAVORITE bed that he likes to sleep in.  We joke about the story of the Three Bears all the time when it comes to sleeping arrangements.  My bed is “too soft” for him and “too short”, but it is “JUST RIGHT” for me.  His bed is “too hard” for me and “too big”, but it is “JUST RIGHT” for him.  I like to have a LOT of FLUFFY pillows all around me when I sleep, so for me , that is “JUST RIGHT.”  He only wants ONE pillow on his bed when he sleeps, so for him, that is “JUST RIGHT.”  Lately, his Peripheral Neuropathy has really been aggravating his sleep.  Although he takes medication for his condition, he says, “I always sleep better when you are by my side.”  I don’t mind (when I don’t have to go to work the next day) sleeping in that big, hard bed.   One afternoon, as I was heading home, I was convicted.  YES I SAID CONVICTED, about my sleeping arrangements.  People make REAL sacrifices everyday so why can’t I do this if it will help not only the health of my husband, but the health of my marriage?  Yes, I do consider this a sacrifice and it will be a little uncomfortable but hey, I did agree to “in sickness and in health.”  HAVE A GREAT FRIDAY FOLKS!


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