What’s Happening Wednesday: What’s Your Story

Have you ever watched a spider spin its web? Ever wondered where it began? Why the “artist” chose this particular corner to display his work? Thought about What he did before he produced this masterpiece and what he would be creating next?

That’s how I feel about masterful storytellers. I view their work in a state of awe. I wonder how they got here, how long it took and what they are going to do next.

Earlier this week, thewriteaddiction.com’s Editor-in-Chief recommended a podcast called The Story. She’s a smart lady. I listened to one episode and was hooked. I finished the first season yesterday.

The podcast takes a look at people who have done exttaordinary things in their lives. Most episodes take about 20 minutes. And while you can’t tell every detail of a life in 20 minutes, you can get a good sense of the circumstances some of these people endured on their way to the top. My favorite part is that they do not tell you who the person is until the episode is almost over. The fun part is trying to guess who they are talking about.

Anyway, every episode ends with the narrator saying, “That’s his/her story. What’s yours?”

That got me thinking about my own story. Could I boil it down to a 20 minute package? Would anybody even want to hear it?

There is power in each of our stories. Your story may not have yet reached it climax, or maybe you’re headed towards your denouement. Either way, you are living your story. So make it a good one. We’re all waiting to see what happens next.

Mama Radford

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