Speak Saturdays: Nostalgic Moments

Do you remember the first concert you attended? Do you remember the song that had you singing to the top of your lungs? Do you have a favorite artist you can see over and over again?

This weekend is the Essence Festival, the most anticipated concert of the summer. I’m not in attendance this year but social media is keeping me up to date on all the things happening down in New Orleans.

I remember the first Essence Festival concert I attended. The main stage performance that is very etched in my memory is Charlie Wilson. He was only scheduled to perform for 45 minutes. Charlie put on a two hour show and the crowd loved every minute of it. Mint Condition was my favorite Super Lounge act. I’m still need to see them in concert again.

What is your favorite concert? Have you ever been to Essence? What concert do you plan to see this summer?

Happy Saturday!!


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