road trip


This is the weekend when I meet little Miss Eva Mae.  She is 2 1/2 years old and I’ve been told that she is a little firecracker.  If she is anything like her Aunt Marta was (and still is), I’ve no doubt we will get along famously.  From her pictures, she strikes me as one who was a “happy baby.”  I am also excited about see her older brother, Eli.  He, to me, is a little version of his father, Will.  I use to wrestle with him when he was a young boy.  I wonder if Eli can handle the “Aunt Malinda treatment?”  We shall soon find out.

It will be wonderful to see family members that I’ve not seen for quite some time.  It’s gets a little lonely not being near family so when these opportunities come about, I take FULL advantage of every moment.  HOT ‘LANTA . . . HERE WE COME!!!


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