Therapeutic Tuesday: Wonder

I’ve spent much time on this vacation in a state of wonder.

Mouth-gaping, Almost teary-eyed wonder.

It’s been so cool to see God in nature. How he provides. How it appears so self-sufficient, yet how it also clearly shows that it is God who is taking care of it all. Every animal. Every flower. The mountains. The valleys. All a microcosm of life. It is a strength and reinforcement that will serve my family well in the season to come.

Wonder. Wow! God is amazing. And I’m in awe. This morning’s dose of wonder hit me as soon as I stepped outside of my building. It came in the form of a family of mule deer who were less than 6 feet away from me. Enjoy these pictures!

Have a blessed day, and try to look for the awe-inspiring providence of God. I promise you’ll find it if you really look.

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