FUNKADELIC FRIDAY: Diabetically Speaking.

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Well, I am learning the language of Diabetes.  I NEVER thought that I would EVER have to know ANYTHING about this debilitating disease.  It changes the lives of EVERYONE connected to the person with diabetes.  You eating life changes COMPLETELY!

My husband was recently released from the hospital.  He has diabetes and has had it for many years but although the years and seasons changed, one thing remained the same. . . HIS A1C numbers were still OUT OF CONTROL!!!  My vocabulary has moved from basic, everyday, carefree expressions to A1C, Sliding Scale, Long term, short term, blood sugar levels, insulin, Type 1, Type 2, Fat Free, MODERATION, etc.  ALL THE THINGS I NEVER WANTED TO KNOW ABOUT.    The worst word of all is NEUROPATHY.  Neuropathy Diabetic is a condition in which a person’s nerves are damaged as a result of diabetes. Once we know better, we should do better.  I am HOPING that now we are at this juncture, and Diabetes Mellitus has entered my world, with exercise and diet,  I won’t have to acknowledge it out loud.

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