What’s Happening Wednesday: Bonus Track

Y’all are getting a double dose of Mama Radford today because Justice Kennedy has decided to retire, and I feel like my hair is on fire!

This president gets to choose another Supreme Court nominee. When he was running for president, I joked that he’d put Judge Judy on the bench. I’d actually prefer that to just about anybody else he’s going to nominate. Donald Trump might just shape our nation for the unforeseeable future. Do you see what he’s done the last 18 months? Imagine 50 years of this.

Unions are set on edge. Women’s rights advocates are frantic at the thought, and the ACLU is gearing up for the fight of all of our lives. And the president is as pleased as punch right now.

We haven’t heard from Bob Mueller in a while, and if it’s true that he can’t indict a sitting president… well I guess that makes the “least of these” just sitting ducks.

Enter the honorable Representative Maxine Waters, whom the President is calling the new leader of the Democratic Party. My response, “I wish.” Auntie Maxine is not here to play with these people. She is telling it like it is, employing their own tactics against them and looking fabulous while doing it.

Anyway, the mid-term elections are quickly approaching. The Dems are overestimating themselves, as usual, and the Republicans are just riding the Trump Wave, without any regard to where and when that wave might crash.

And me.., i’m Just sitting over here with my hair on fire! Somebody send me some legal coping mechanisms.

Mama Radford

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