Speak Saturdays: What Are You Reading?

All of us have picked up a book to read. Either for work or school but how many of you pick up a book to read for pleasure. I remember the exact moment I fell in love with reading. It was the summer I stayed in Atlanta with my uncle and his family. I remember my aunt giving me a book by Omar Tyree to read and I was instantly hooked. I read every book she had on her bookcase that summer.

My time for reading started to become limited as I got older and busier with life. I was so excited when Amazon introduce Kindle to the world. I could have any book I desire instantly at my fingertips. Didn’t have to worry about carrying books around because I had an electronic copy with me at all times.

There are times when I do become bored with reading but lately I have been in literature heaven reading books by black female authors. Let me tell you this #blackgirlmagic wave is awesome and I am enjoying every minute of it. Currently I am reading Homegoing by Yaa Gyasi. The very first chapter pulled me end quickly. Wished I still had the stamina I had in college to stay up and read until three o’clock in the morning. But the way my sleep pattern is set up…

What’s on your reading list? What should I read next? If you haven’t pick up a book in a while do so today. Trust me there will be no regret behind that decision.

Happy Saturday!!


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