black fist

“Hattie.  That boy’s gon’ be somethin’ special.  He show nuf’ has a head for business.  Can manage figahs’  like a top.  Sho’ gonah’ hate it when he graduates school.”

“Well Bob.  Maybe he’ll keep working with you.  We don’t have any children and you could leave him the business.”

Oh, Hattie.  He’s like a son tuh’ me but you and I both know, that would neva’ work.  Long as he works fo’ me or with me, he’s sho’ tuh’ have clients.  On his own. . . he’d neva’ make it.  I’m sho’ of it!”

“I guess you’re right Dear.  He is such a bright young man and so well mannered.  It would be a shame to see him move away.  There is just nothing here for ‘his kind.’  He is just not like so many others here.”

“Yup.  Well.  What’s for suppa’?  I’m starvin’.”


(to be continued)




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