Boston Bound! Home Improvements Cont’d

Hey everyone! I’m headed to Boston for the first time this weekend (this is Friday when I’m writing this) and I’m excited. It wasn’t necessarily a destination I had in mind but I’m tagging along with a friend. Hopefully I will have pictures galore when I get back. I especially want to see the Boston Haaaaaarbar *cue Bostonian accent* and do the Black Heritage Trail.

In other news, we have been plugging away at what is now the sitting room. Here are some progress photos! We’ve been hard at work.

We had to clear the tall bookshelf and ended up donating half our book collection which was fine. Then we decided to chop that tall case in half. We had a tiny circular saw and hacked away. lol Later we would come back with more heavy duty machine to cut the legs.



Mom was a boss with the power tools. She had a slight power tool high LOL

After using the tiny circular saw, I went at it with a hand saw but I can’t cut a straight line to save my life *shrug*

I thought sanding will save it! *puts on cape* But nope. We got a bigger circular saw and evened it on out. Again, my mom was at the helm of the power tool! I did the heavy lifting (literally) lol Once separated, the “new” bookcase without the base was a little wobbly so I installed some corner braces to reinforce.

Thankfully, I had some wood stain in a similar color from a previous project, so I hit the raw exposed wood with it.


But wait, what’s gonna the base to the “new” book shelf? Well, I was gifted two wall shelves awhile ago and only used one….


If you’re still here with me, thank you! lol I’ll pause the transformation here. More to come!



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