Speak Saturday: Issa Celebration


It’s all I can say.  Today is my 100th post on the Writeaddiction and it’s my 35th birthday.624aa0fe859d997aa80a727d27ab6adc--hubby-birthday--birthday

How awesome is that?  I can’t believe I’ve made it to 100 posts. I can’t believe Marta talked me into this two years ago.  She issued this opportunity as a challenge to me as a way to sharpen my writing skills in case I ever gotten into grant writing.

My very first post was February 1, 2016 called “The Season of Singleness”.  Yes, I’m still single but alot has changed for me over the last two years that have contributed to my weekly blog.  Job changes, new opportunities, new friendships, changes in old friendships, and so much more.

Now I know I am guilty of not self promoting.  I think people may not understand my view point so I just keep quiet and write away.  But today I share with you my 100th post and encourage you to celebrate…

Celebrate your failures

Celebrate the small victories

Celebrate the painful life lessons

Celebrate your losses

Celebrate your wins

Celebrate others

Celebrate new changes

Celebrate the challenges

Celebrate each moment of your life.  It’s hard to celebrate sometimes but remember everything happens for a reason and it’s usually for the best.

Oh if you are wondering how I am celebrating today.  I’m celebrating my 35th birthday at work.  Pray for me because I didn’t get much sleep the night before……..cause I was celebrating 🙂

Happy Saturday!!


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