Funkadelic Friday: New Project

black fist

When I started working there during the summer, I knew that this was the career for me.  I was bit by the exterminating bug.  No pun intended.  My plan was to work each summer.  Learn every aspect of the business then start my own.  One thing is certain . . . in this town, I will be the ONLY non-white exterminating company.  YES!  Corner market for sure!  My OWN BOSS!  No one to tell me how to do ANYTHING because I will ALREADY know.

I have to have a unique name though.  Hmm.  Jackson’s Exterminating is so bland and common.  I need an uncommon name because I AM an uncommon kind of guy.  Wait!  BUG SLAYER!  No.  Okay.  THE END EXTERMINATORS! Sound ominous but naw.  WHOA!!! BLACK MAN’S EXTERMINATING COMPANY!  Definitely has a ring to it.  I’m certain that no one else has or ever had this name.  Oh Yeah!  I can see the money overflowing already.

(to be continued)


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