Changes! Home Improvements

Whew! Today (Saturday) has been a day. My mom is done with school so we are converting our middle room back to its former self: our sitting room. We decided to take a trip to Macy’s and shop their backstage (aka discount) section on the lower level. First, the universe affirmed our trip with a parking spot RIGHT IN FRONT OF THE DOOR! Won’t He do it! LOL We wandered in and my mom wandered off and stumbled upon a chair that has a twin sleeper bed in it. She bought it, along with its matching ottoman lol This piece of furniture was the catalyst for clearing the room.

Ya’ll, tiredness LITERALLY just fell upon me!

We have packed away a table, rearranged things and found new homes for others. And it’s just day 1. Today (Sunday), will be part 2 which will involve salvaging a 7 ft book shelf by cutting it and making it two. Ya’ll pray.

I’m excited though, I love rearranging furniture and making a space comfy. But I’m most excited because this will be a space my mom can call her own. She’ll probably get me for this but I’mma do a before pic. Don’t judge us, we been busy and this room became the “catch all”

I look forward to updating ya’ll on our progress!


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