Speak Saturday: Kindness

I took time this week to read the news. Haven’t done it while because the news is so depressing and over saturated with political turmoil. As I browsing the online edition of the news I came across about a young man who asked his mom to stop their car to help an elderly lady climb the stairs. The story was very uplifting and brought the person recording the gesture to tears.

As I was watching the video and reading the comments I became sad that this type of news is no longer the the norm. People are utterly shocked when they read stories of kindness. Like it is foreign habit that no one performs any more. I know people are typically in their own worlds. I’m guilty of it this myself. But I try to make it a point to watch the world around me and offer assistance if I can.

So be kind to one another. Do something nice for someone today. You have no idea how a small gesture can brighten someone day.

Link to story reference in blog:


Happy Saturday!!


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