Coffee Shop Realness

If what you seek is a cozy state of peace and purpose….the intersection between introspection and engagement, then you are seeking coffee shop realness .

And this realness can be experienced in various way. The literal route would be to find a coffee shop, and be a Goldie Locs about it and don’t stop searching until you find the dive that best suits you.

My favorite coffee shops are ones that ( obviously ) serve great coffee and an assortment of teas. They are clean ( not sure why dirty cafes exist , but they do), they have nooks for reading books, they have lots of outlets should I choose to hangout for a long time . They have a level of cultural activities that occur often enough. The best ones double as bookstores and have great music .

I’ve been getting into this since kindergarten, possibly before. No, I wasn’t drinking coffee then, but was visiting public libraries with my mom and brother . Thanks to my aunts and uncles, picking out a book to read was just a really fun, exciting concept as a child and still is to this day. Thanks to my mother, I make reading a book an event ( when I can). She would make quick blueberry muffins, smear them with butter and prepare decaf lemon lift tea with sugar for the both of us sometimes .

As an adult, I still utilize the public library, but not in the way I use to. I just get my book or audiobooks and go. The children there keep it from being a place that I , as an adult could relax and focus . God bless them, I suppose their in a good place , but it’s not for me anymore.

I aspire to bring forth coffee shop realness at home, but I have to be home alone for this to take place otherwise it doesn’t really work. When it does work, it looks like a clean house, natural lighting, clean throws to snuggle in with the resident cat, tea, snacks and some relaxing tunes in the background .

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